Other Murals/Public Art

Public art project for Art & Water Organization. 

Waterfront, Lakeshore Toronto 2022

Canadian Heritage Public ART project, Digital Painting, Print Installation, Ottawa 2020

Art On Fire, Hernando Arts, Brooksville, Florida 2023

Street Pole painting for Mount Pleasant Village BIA.

Toronto 2021

Interior of a Circus Bus, Toronto 2023

Series of “Live Painting” for 1664Canada, commissioned by Vibrant Marketing.

Toronto 2022

Concrete Barrier paintings: 

Colins Rd, Scarborough 2022

Richmond St, Toronto 2021

Scarlett Rd, North York 2020

Muskoka Chairs Paintings for Toronto Water Taxi, 2022

Garbage Bin Paintings as part of the Cabbagetown Parkscape Initiative program, Street Art Toronto, 2022

Digital design for a patio in Toronto, 2022

Window murals for Dule Heights BIA, North York 2021, with my team – Moonlight Murals Collective

The Brain Project for baycrest, Toronto, 2020 #noblankbrain

Public art project forWater Taxi Toronto. 

Waterfront, Lakeshore Toronto 2022